That's a strong headline, but... well, it's the truth.

I am a person who is naturally a little clumsy.  I sometimes wonder if it's the MS playing tricks on me, but.. really I've been doing this stuff my whole life.  So it's probably just a "me" thing.  I always end up walking into the doorways of the studio or wacking my hand on things.

However, it has a couple of times, managed to escalate.  I remember one time I was here at work and I had gone to the break room to refill my water bottle. I was taking off the lid, normally, as one does, when, WHAMMO.  I guess my hand slipped or something?  But yeah, punched myself right in the nose.  It wasn't like, a closed fist ner nothin, but yep, right in the face.

Another time I was on a live broadcast years ago.  I was setting up a heavy speaker before we got started, and it required being set up on a pole.  I got the speaker on fine, but my hand kept moving, and bam.  Smacked myself in the forehead.  That was particularly embarrassing because it was kind of a popular event... so there were spectators.  I think the people in line at Little Caesars got a good chuckle out of that.

Recently, I did it again.  This time I was at home, and I was going to bed. I wasn't asleep yet, but getting ready to settle in.  Sometimes I sleep on my back, sometimes on my side, rarely on my tummy.  Most of the time I try to sleep on my back - although Husbando complains that I snore when I do that.  Well, I can't help my dang sinus cavities, can I?! Anyway.  This time I was going to lay down on my side.  And I kind of have this weirdish habit of holding my hand up to the side of my face when I do that. So there I was, getting all settled in the pillow when I grabbed for the sheets. I guess again, I grabbed too hard, because I ended up punching myself a bit on the bottom of my chin.  I got myself pretty good, too, because I can still feel it when I put my head in my hands to read something on my computer monitor.  Didn't leave a bruise, though.

Punching ones self in the face is not an easy task, but apparently I have mastered it. I suppose I should hold a master class on Zoom or something so that others can enjoy this particular strain of clumsiness.

Or, you know, don't. It's probably better that you don't.  Do you have clumsiness issues like me?  Ever done anything quite as embarrassing as the aforementioned L.C. incident?  Let's laugh about it now that it's long gone.

Clumsily yours,


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