Guys, I am a klutz. We know this. But my latest journeys into paintown have not necessarily been because of something I did. Just... stuff that happened.  Well. Some of it was me, too. I know I'm starting to get a wee bit older, although I also know I'm not old yet.  But my body seems to want to punish me for the process anyway. Just this week, I managed to hurt myself without actually injuring myself several times.

I was going to go home and got into my car.  For some reason, I guess I was sitting down at an odd angle or something? My legs and hips hurt a little bit. I had to wiggle around in the seat for a minute before it finally stopped.  What in the fresh heck? How does one get hurt just by sitting?  That seems like a new development to me.

Last night, I made myself some chicken spinach mac and cheese.  I put it in the oven to finish it, and got busy cleanin'.  Then, as it was done, I put on the oven mitt and opened the door to the oven.  Do you see where this is going?  Yep, I opened the oven with the had that had the mitt on and reached into the dang oven with the other one.  Now I just barely touched the dish.  But I still touched it.  It didn't even make a mark on my finger, but it still smarted a little bit.

I think this was Tuesday night. I was sitting on the couch, minding my own business, when my cat yeowled from the other room. SO, naturally, I got up to investigate.  She was fine, hollering at nothing, just to make noise like they do sometimes.  So I sat back down, and as I did, I somehow managed to knee myself (lightly) in chest.  It was a quick, surprising moment, but.. apparently I have to be careful on the couch, too?!

Sunday, I was getting ready for bed, and decided to look a little bit on my phone as I was settling in.  Again, I'm sure you know where this is going.  I managed to drop my phone on my face.  Thwacked myself in the nose.  It didn't hurt after a minute or two, but I'm not even safe in the comforts of my own BED.
So, what's YOUR dumbest injury story? We've all got one — so share yours in the comments. I promise not to judge!
Painfully yours,


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