Not that long ago, I received a post card in the mail.  Initially I was not sure why I got it, and I thought it was junk mail.  Luckily I didn't throw it out.  I then got an email from the same place that sent the postcard.  It was a message letting me know, that I am eligible to receive a check from a settlement from a former holder of one of my student loans, Navient.  Perhaps some of you are still making payments on student loans, or are a student who took out some to go to college.

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Can you imagine if you no longer had to repay this money back?  How much extra money would you have per month to spend on things like child care, food, house repairs, etc?  Maybe could could put more into savings or a 401K.  Take a vacation to recharge?  Well it may be happening.  Now perhaps some of you are like me, and were able to get into a income driven repayment plan, so you could manage payments that would not put as much stress on your pocketbooks.  It has been helpful to me, and it helped me rebuild my credit, but there is interest too. President Biden has options to remove or cancel student debt, and you can click HERE for that article.

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I went back to school on two occasions to learn a new skill and better myself and continue my education.  For many, if they want to pursue their education and a job or career that requires more schooling, they need to take out loans.  Parents can't pay for everything.  I personally think that if many of these remaining loans are forgiven in its entirety, all of that extra money will be spent back into the economy.  With inflation so high, and things costing more, having extra money to spend can certainly help.  You can click HERE for more information on this article and get info on what options you may have.

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