When I was younger, like most kids, I had a bit of a sweet tooth.  I would take my money that I had earned from my paper route, and would take my bicycle to the corner store and spend some of it on candy and junk food.  We had a local Dairy Queen that is still going strong today and it was the hang out for the best ice cream around.  With the possible exception of an old school Cock Robin ice cream shop.  If you forgot that chain the logo is below:

attachment-Cock Robin

Now that Cock Robin location as well as the Dairy Queen were know for ice cream and milkshakes.  If you were not lactose intolerant, these tasty treats hit the spot, especially when they were made in front of you.  Perhaps those of you who are older than I grew up in a time where an old school soda fountain was in your town.  Well it is 2022, and perhaps something vintage or reminiscent of those old soda fountains would be worth checking out.  A train ride to Union Station in St Louis is where you will find one.  They called it St Louis Union Station Soda Fountain.

attachment-Soda Fountain St Louis 2

According to their Facebook page, they describe themselves as a refreshing blast from the past with sweets, treats, and eats for everyone. Combining modern flairs with retro vibes, you’ll find something new to smile about every time you visit.  There is plenty of candy, burgers, and yes, milkshakes.  Check out the menu HERE.

attachment-Soda Fountain St Louis 3

I told you about the candy options.  Since I am planning a trip to St Louis in June as part of my vacation, I think I may need to stop by this place and see if there is any vintage candy that I might want to stock up on.  I think this is a situation, where you bag the candy and it gets weighed, and that will determine the price.

attachment-Soda Fountain St Louis 4

I love the idea that I can come up to a counter and order drinks, food, alcohol and there is table seating available. The menu has enough options for a nice variety, yet small enough to control food quality and costs.  Looks like a lot of comfort food options. Which I like.

attachment-Soda Fountain St Louis 5

So we know about the food and the candy, now lets decide on the milkshake that we must try.  Choose from one of the original three flavors or Creamsicle, strawberry, and banana, or if you want to get more indulgent, there are plenty of other options.  "Freak Shakes" they are called. Or combined flavors.

attachment-Soda Fountain St Louis 6

Your "Freak Shake" menu is below.  Not cheap, but then again, did you expect them to be?  It is a vacation spot, or a tourist place.


attachment-Soda Fountain St Louis 7(1)

I can see this place being a fantastic place for a birthday party, or a social gathering.  It seems to have enough options that are good for adults and children. There is a kids menu, which helps.  Perhaps the shakes alone will fill you up.  I have been told the grilled cheese is amazing.  Check out their website HERE, and you can click their name earlier in the article for a link to their Facebook page.  Who wants to check this place out? Looks like a lot of fun!

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