Okay guys, I know we're all looking for fun stuff to do for the last few days of the summer.

And well, the Missouri State Fair is coming, and in a lot of ways, that can totally take up the whole month. You might need a break from all of it. If you do, or if you just want an excuse to get out of town and do some fishing, I've got your hookup.  Here's the announcement from the Missouri DNR:

On Saturday, Aug. 20, youth have the opportunity to fish all day for free and connect with nature through a variety of activities at Roaring River State Park. From 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., youth ages 15 and younger will be able to obtain tags from the park store at no cost to fish the day of the event. One section of the river, from the first low-water crossing up to the hatchery, will be specially designated for youth to fish. Adults will not be allowed to fish by themselves in this area. Some lunker trout will even be released for the youth to try to catch.

Now don't worry too much, they'll have volunteers around to help if things get hairy.  And they will take the weather into consideration if it's stormy. But they'll have another event going along with this one with a ton of stuff to do and some bluegrass music, so if you get rained out, you've still got some fun.

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Now you  might be saying, where the heck is Roaring River, Behk? Roaring River State Park is located 7 miles south of Cassville on Highway 112 in Barry County. For more information about Free Fishing Days, contact the park office at 417-847-2539, MDC hatchery at 417-847-2430 or the park store at 417-847-4971.

There you have it. All the info you could need, sorted.  Have fun out there!

Fishingly yours,

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