So I was sitting here at my desk, minding my own business, realizing that I didn't have anything to do other than blog at the moment.But then I got the email from the organisers of the Missouri State Fair.  Every year they coordinate with us to get credentials and whatnot squared away before the Fair starts. It's something that happens every year, no big deal.

Then I got to thinking (I know, we're in trouble now, right) that the Fair is definitely going to be different this year.  There's going to be some changes, that's just inevitable. I don't know exactly what is going to come and what's not going to be there. I've heard a few things, I'm sure you've heard a few things, but we don't know everything and won't til it gets closer to time.  I don't have any inside information, after all (when we get info from the Fair, we share it with you, so you know what we know).

I was thinking, with all the changes, there are bound to be some things that stay the same, though.  I know we're not doing concerts this year, and while that sucks, it's probably for the best.  But I do hope the kids will get to go talk with Otto The Talking Car, for example. So I got a bit nostalgic, as I am wont to do. You know what that means, it's YOU TUBE TIME.

I did some searching and found a ten year old video from the State of Missouri about that year's fair. It's very cute and very.... I don't even know how to put it.  Wistful, in a way?  Looking at it, knowing that it looks kinda like every year because they're highlighting the favorites (pig races, circus, etc) makes me kind of miss it before it's even here because... a lot of that won't be at this year's fair.  Does that make sense?

I guess I never really thought about it, I just always thought the Fair was a constant.  So in a way, I guess I took it for granted? I guess we'll just have to navigate this as we go and see.  I'm all for people getting together and having fun, but... we might have to go about it differently this year.  But, thanks to the magic of the internet, we can look back and enjoy what was and what will be someday in the future after we get out of all this mess.

Nostalgically yours,



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