Cesar Millan, better known as the Dog Whisperer in most pet circles, has built himself quite a little entertainment empire. Not only have his books and television shows taught countless people how to set boundaries with their pets, he’s also caused a million fights when one person in a couple thinks it’s funny to hiss “tsst!” at their partner during a particularly frustrating discussion. In other words, he’s been a boon to human-animal relationships and something else entirely to human-human relationships.

And now he’s getting his very own film. According to a new report in Deadline, Millan will be the subject of a biopic written by Jose Rivera, better known as the screenwriter for The Motorcycle Diaries and On the RoadDeadline also provided an excerpt from the film’s logline, which describes Millan as a man “who has inspired and taught humans how to connect with their natural instinct to create harmony for dogs around the world.” No director or cast is available at this time.

It may seem silly to make a biopic about a reality television star, but there’s no denying that animal movies are big box office. A Dog’s Purpose, which was mired in a scandal about the treatment of its canine stars, nevertheless grossed over $60 million at domestic theaters; Max, another movie focused on the experience of pets, took home $40 million in 2015. And, heck, technically John Wick is a dog movie as well, but I don’t expect nearly as many gunfights in Millan’s biopic as in that film (though I’m open to being pleasantly surprised).

There’s also the fact that Millan was at one point an illegal immigrant into the United States, suggesting there may be room here for political poignancy as we struggle to have a conversation as a country around immigrant laws. All told, there’s definitely enough to craft an engaging and family friendly story, so save your jokes or get a “tsst!”

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