We here in the good old U.S. of A have the freedom to use the internet as we please. Or, at least, within reason.  I'm sure that some people misuse it.   I mean, you remember how many times can we saw someone  try that thing where they put Cinnamon in in the mouth?

I mean, come on, people. Don't these kids have better ways to spend a Tuesday evening?  Even science has confirmed that for the most part, we waste our time on the internet. Meanwhile, the rest of the world does things like censor internet usage.

So what have I done? Taken a proactive stance, and try not to waste my time on the internet? No.  Nothing. Not one, single, solitary thing. Because I think it's our privilege, nay, our right, to waste our time on the internet.

So, enjoy.

How do you waste your time on the internet? What are some of your favorite videos?

Wastingly yours,

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