I didn't take photos, because I'm not a creeper, but I'll tell you how I know. You know how kids are, they love the summertime.  No school, playing in the yard, going to the pool or just playing with the sprinkler.  There are a TON of kids in my neighborhood.  There are five girls cattycorner from us, three kids across the street, four more a couple of houses down, you get it.  So many kids.

Well, I was on my porch the other day when I saw something that can only be described as Peak Kid.  It kinda reminded me of me when I was a kid.  There's a little boy who lives across the street, and he had a friend of his over.  It was a hot day, so their Dad had kind of jerry rigged a sprinkler for them.  It looked like he took a camera tripod and put the hose in it, making a little sprinkler for them to run through.

The little boy is probably about six or seven years old. I know his name, but again, I'm not a creeper, so I'll just refer to him as T.  He was playing with his friend under the hose, doing kid stuff, you know, running around, hollering.  And then, his little friend stopped and did a little dance.  While singing "What I Like About You" by the Romantics.

"What I like about you...." *butt slap, butt slap*

"You really know how to dance..." *butt slap, butt slap*

I wasn't really aware that the elementary school crowd was that familiar with the hits of the 80's, but hey.  I enjoyed his dance,  thought I'm not sure why he needed to slap his butt for emphasis.  It's a kid thing, I guess.  So then, after said song, T just stopped dead in his tracks and started talking to his friend in a somewhat hushed, serious tone.  They sat down immediately under the sprinkler and had a serious talk for about three minutes before resuming screaming bloody murder.

I wonder what they were talking about.  It seemed so important. But that's childhood, isn't it? Especially your childhood friends.  If there was something important to say, you just said it, and then you went back to what you were doing.  I was just amazed with how such a simple five minutes or so encapsulated with a good childhood should be. You get to be silly, crazy, honest, open, and real.  You don't have to worry about life yet because life hasn't happened to you yet. It was a funny, sweet, amazing little moment.

I hope all our kids get to have moments like that.  I hope they get to squeeze out every little last bit of fun from the last days of summer.  I hope they get to stay kids a little longer. I hope they get to dream big a little longer. I hope they get to stay innocent a little longer. So go ahead, kids.  Get under a hose.  Go in the backyard.  Play fetch with the dog.  Ride your bike with your friends.



Just don't do it in my yard, please.

Observantly yours,

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