I heard about the new event, the Street Food Throwdown, on social media. 

And all of us thought it was a great idea - Dad, Husbando, and me.  But we kept forgetting to go!  They have it on certain Wednesdays, and I guess I just kept my normal routine of just going right home and changing into my lazy clothes after work. But this week, this week we were all determined we were going to go.  We had a system - I had a reminder for Husbando, Husbando reminded me, I texted Dad...we were going, come hell or high water. We wanted to try the goodies!  And what's fun about this is, not only is it twice a month, but different trucks come each time. So you're gonna have a new experience every time you go! Anyway, here's how it went for us, anyway.

Street Food Throwdown

We had wanted to try more, but we just didn't have enough room in our bellies.  I saw a few things I'd like to try if they come back again.  I'd like to try the Big Cheez - a gourmet grilled cheese truck - but they were too popular for me that day (read: long line).  And I think I'd like to try the Kona Ice, Husbando wants to try that too.

But the general consensus of Dad, Husbando and I was that we enjoyed it thoroughly.  I think my favorite thing of the day was the shrimp at the Zydeco's Cajun Kitchen Food Truck.  Husbando's favorite was the Conut Factory. I don't recall what Dad said was his favorite, but overall we had an awesome time. And I know that we all want to go back and try it again! I We'll just have to see what comes next time!

Well, maybe next time I can drop less food, make less of a mess of myself, and spill less drinks.  And maybe put on some sunscreen or something. But you can follow when they're coming back and what's going to be there on their Facebook page. They're pretty good at getting the new information on what's coming that week a few days ahead of time. They'll be back on the 23rd, since its the second and fourth Wednesday of every month til October.  It's on the Fairgrounds, you'll park in the handicapped parking lot, and it's right next to that.  You'll see it.

Did you go to the Throwdown any of the weeks they've been there? What was your favorite thing or favorite truck?

Foodily yours,

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