It's coming, our highly anticipated 4th of July celebrations.  And Rob has reminded you guys about the city asking you not to bring fireworks to the Grandstand for the bigger show.  But let's get to the louder issue.  I know, you've heard it before.  And yeah, I get it, everybody likes fireworks.  But the fact of the matter is, it's illegal to set off fireworks in your backyard if you live in town. The official word from the Sedalia Ordinance Code goes like this:

“No person shall buy, sell, display or discharge any firecrackers, cannon crackers, aerial bombs, torpedoes, rockets, Roman candles, flares, or fireworks of any kind or description or any pyrotechnic material within the city.”

So no, that means you can't set off those bottle rockets in the alley.  Sure, the kids may love em, and you might think they're fun, but it's ILLEGAL.  That means someone in your neighborhood will call the cops on you, wasting the police's time, when they could be out there dealing with theft or assault or something serious.

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Instead, they will come to your house, give you a ticket for over a hundred bucks, and then they will take your fireworks.


Is it really worth it? I don't see the point anymore, really.  There's a ton of reasons it's illegal, and I bet you can see their point.  What if someone in your neighborhood works early the next day?  Your noise might stop them from getting a good night's sleep. That's just rude.  What if someone's dog is scared of the fireworks?  What if they run off and get hurt? Do you Really want to imagine some poor kid crying over losing their best friend because you.... just felt like it?  What if you have someone in your neighborhood that's a veteran with PTSD?  What if you give them a panic attack and set back their progress? Do you really think you'll be able to look them in the eye and thank them for their service, KNOWING that you don't actually appreciate it enough to just..... not disturb them?  What if you lose control of a spinny firework and it lands on your garage?  It could set the dang roof on fire!  And as careful as you might think you are, someone could very easily get hurt from a misfired firework.  People always laugh about that, but... when it's YOUR family getting hurt, it's different, isn't it?


So, just don't do it, folks.  It's just not worth the fine alone, not counting the fireworks cost when they confiscate.  And is it really worth the risk of someone getting hurt just to have a momentary boom?  Not to me.

Why not go to the fairgrounds and watch the professionals? Just seems safer to me.

Ticketly yours,


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