I've got a week of time off coming up. Starting Monday, in fact. But here's the thing. I don't normally take time off, unless it's for a special occasion or a doctor's appointment out of town.  I don't want to spend the money to go somewhere, and really, should I be going to a city or a festival or whatever right now?  No way.

So staycation it is.

Usually it involves a lot of stuff that I've been putting off.  One time I had a week off, and I stained the back deck (I didn't say I did it well, just that I did it, mind you, but I TRIED). Last time I took three days off, I ended up going over each and every cabinet in my kitchen with the good old Magic Eraser.  Some stuff wouldn't come off, but again, I TRIED.

What will I be doing on my little week in the house?

1.  Probably a lot of cleaning.

Which I do not want to do, but I'll get restless.  The bathroom floor and sideboards need a good scrub.  I bet I could deep clean the bathtub.  I should break out the ladder and see if I can get some of the dust off the top part of the kitchen walls (we have very high ceilings, old house). Maybe I could convince Husbando to de clutter the living room a little before the week's end.

2.  Yard work.

Again, don't want to do that.  But we have two big trees in our front yard, and there have been a ton of storms lately. I've picked up sticks here and there, but... there are always more.  There are also some weeds that just kind of took off and had a mind of their own around my tulips and daisies.  At least my Dad hired a dude to clear out the Poison Ivy from the blackberry bushes, so I won't have to deal with that.

3.  Napping.

Most of the time, naps are great.  Don't get me wrong.  A good Saturday afternoon nap?  You can't beat it.  But if it's a nap you're taking on a Tuesday morning at nine after you got up at six... that's not a great nap.  That's a "I have nothing else to do" nap.  That's the kind of nap that's going to cause you to wake up like you just fainted.

4.  Cat Maintenance.

We used to do a lot more with our kitties than we do now.  Meaning we would work together to put these little "kitty caps" on their nails so they can't scratch up the furniture.  They're little push on nails, basically - they don't hurt the kitties, they just fall off after the nail grows.  And we haven't done that in a long time, and now our poor couch has been destroyed in the lower half because of it.  I don't get it.  They have like, several scratching posts.  I know they use them, because I find pieces off them all over the gall dang house.  But no, they always go for the couch first.  When I catch them, I scold them, but when I'm not around... they've been tearing it up.  And it's not like I can afford new furniture, so I have to put a stop to this while I can.  Which means, Kitty Time.

What would I LIKE to do on my vacation?  Maybe catch up on all those Netflix movies I've been meaning to watch?  Read some more of my online books?  Watch every Run episode again? Maybe I'll manage to sneak some of those in, too.

What do you do on your stay at home vacations? What would you LIKE to do that you don't get to do on those very same vacations?

Staycationingly yours,

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