I know we all have one.  Now where it is in the house, that varies. Some people have one in the living room, some people the kitchen, etc.  Ours is in the kitchen.  But I was reading about this phenomenon (I always like hearing what I thought was a weird habit of mine turns out to be normal) on a lifestyle website.

(It) contains six batteries, three phone chargers, five ‘unspecified’ cables – and four takeaway menus.

It’s also home to four mysterious keys with no known lock, six pens and pencils, and five instruction manuals.

That sounds pretty normal. I mean, we don't have menus, but we have some interesting stuff in there. Here's a partial sampling:

tape measure, seed packets, Happy Birthday candies, garden labeling rods, spirit level, Mexican candles (you know, those big candles with Saints on them? I hope I'm not mislabeling those),  transparent tape, shipping tape, buttons, paintbrush, mini flashlight, electrical tape, pens, lighting timers, movie ticket stubs.

I got tired of looking in it after that. So I guess ours is mostly useful? I mean, if the power goes you, you need candles.  If you need to check if something is level, you've...got a level.  And who knows, there might be an emergency birthday party! You never know, I'm not here to judge.

Is your junk drawer useful or just.. junk?  Do you use it often? Where is it in the house? Have you ever cleaned it out?  Found something lost in there?

Tell me all about it, we might have more in common than I thought.

Junkily yours,


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