I am my father's daughter. He keeps his hair pretty short, as most dudes do, but when it gets a little longer, he gets curls. As a kid, I fought it. I would brush my hair as soon as I got out of the bath in an attempt to tame it. I would buy hair straighteners, anti-frizz gels, anything I could to try to get straight hair.

All to little or no avail.

But now, I just accept it. My hair is curly, there isn't much I can do about it. Sometimes when I get a haircut, I can be straight haired for a couple of days. But as soon as it's time to wash my hair again, bam. Curl town. So, here's a few things I've learned to do to try to work with the situation.

1.  Forget combing it.

Nope, not happening. So yeah, I probably get some minor tangles from time to time. But, that does mean that I pretty much don't have to do much to get ready in the morning.

2.  The right curl shampoo is worth it.

I don't end up doing much to my hair to fight the frizz aspect. But I have found a good shampoo that's not too expensive. Over the years I've bought super cheap stuff and super expensive stuff, and a happy medium seems to work best.

3.  Don't blow dry without a diffuser, and don't leave the hair in a towel too long.

I don't own a blow dryer at the moment. I don't need one. When I did, it was essential to have a diffuser at the end so that it didn't become a disco wig. Now, I just let my hair air dry and that's good enough. I also find that if I leave my hair up in the towel too long it dries out. So, I only leave it in there long enough for me to get dressed post shower.

4. Trying to tame it isn't worth the hassle.

At least it isn't, in my humble opinion. I'm just over it. My hair is too thick and too untoward to fight it. It's going to do what it wants, and I just have to accept it.

I'm sure some of you out there have your own hair issues. Is there anything you've learned over the years? I'm sure everybody could use a little tip here and there.

Curlingly yours,

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