They show up every now and then, and I hates 'em!  You've seen them, I'm sure.  These little beetles come around and wreak havoc on anything you try to grow. Here's what they look like.

Japanese Beetle

And this year, they've just eaten the crap out of my blackberry bushes.


I was picking a few the other day and one GOT ON MY HAND.  No. No thank you.

I mean, we have gotten a few good berries this year.


But dangit if those little buggers aren't all over my yard! I saw one eating on my spinach the other day, too! Luckily they seem to have left my basil and the cilantro alone, but it's really hurt the blackberries this year.  That and the birds, sure.  Have you seen these things in your yard?  On your screen door?  Have you done anything about them?  It might be too late for me, but did anything work for you?

Berrily yours,


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