Guys, admittedly, I'm kinda new to this whole "keeping things alive" thing.  Don't get me wrong, I'm okay with keeping animals (even if they tell you they're starving, trust me, they're not), and I can watch kids fine, but I've had a spotty history with plants.

I mean, I've got Steve, and he's doing great.  I think he should easily be long enough to vine all the way around all four walls of my office, maybe by summer of next year. He's already three fourths of the way.  And I brought Downtown James Brown in to hang with my Non Bonzai Tree, etc.

But there are quite a few inhabitants that were left on the porch, still.  Now, not all of them will make it.  Mickey is probably a goner.  But. There are a few that I want to at least try to keep alive, like Kibum, Regular Sized Rudy, and Steve Jr.


Admittedly, that picture of Rudy is a little old.  He had an incident during a storm and lost a couple of stalks.  But he's still doing pretty good!

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I've read that there are different temperature points that different plants can stand, but most of them just don't like frost, so it's a good idea to pull them in before that happens.  So when is that?  According to the Farmer's Almanac.... that's Tomorrow!

Now me, I brought most everybody in on Friday afternoon.  I left Beatrice and Clementine out there, because, well, they're a lot like Mickey.  It's about time to let them go.  But, I have a few little Mums that I want to keep out there, because I read they're good until it gets down to the thirties.

And I haven't named them yet, so, I gotta get on that.  Have you already brought in your plants for the winter?  When will you bring them in?  Do you have any tips or tricks to help mine out?

Frostily yours,

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