It's fun to cook outdoors whenever possible. Many of us will be firing up the grill during the long holiday weekend. Here are a few unique items we bet you've never even considered trying to cook on the grill. Would you try them?


"Dessert on the open fire...with appeal." Get it?

Rotisserie Pineapple

"... that pitchfork rotisserie thingie that came with your grill that you've never used? Now's your chance."

Krispy Kreme Donuts

Some of us would rather just eat the donuts and skip the crab salad.


"The taste of it was definitely there, like a good smoked cheese."


We've probably all at least tried smoked cheese, but how many of us have tried smoking cheese?


This one might not be as unusual, because the idea of grilling pizza has been around for a while. Even so, if you've never tried it, here's how it's done.


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