Yesterday, I asked you guys to submit photos of your St Louis Cardinals Superfans. You certainly didn't disappoint! Now, it's up to you.  Here are a few of the Sedalia Superfans that could win the tickets for the game this weekend. Vote for your favorite in our poll below and whoever gets the most votes will be the winner.

Steve: I love the s*** out of these two and want to take them to see the Cardinals!!!!


Rickey: My fiancee has been a Cards fan since she was a little girl, since she knew what baseball was. Her dad got her into the sport, she and her brothers have always loved playing softball and baseball.  They watch games on tv whenever they get a chance, but even with her passion of the game,she has never been to a real game. She has always wanted to go, but unfortunately through the daily struggles of being an amazing mom, it just has never happened. I would say she is the most deserving, hard working , and devoted fan. And her birthday is the 19th. So what a better gift!


Valerie:  I would love to win to celebrate my wedding anniversary right!!!


Erin: My husband is a die hard Cardinals fan! He supports his team against mine every year time and time again. Win or lose he loves his team.


Zack: So growing up in St Louis I was born a Cardinals fan. Grew up hearing stories of teams past, and watching the current team either at Busch or in TV. When we moved to Sedalia around my 2nd grade year nights at Busch stadium was probably the thing I missed most. So fast forward to teenage years where I could finally drive and attend games without having to have someone take me. My junior year of school I probably called in "sick" three or four times to go watch the cards play in St Louis. My senior year I gave all my teachers a note that Major League Baseball put out, as a joke, excusing people from work or school to go to opening day and told them I wouldn't be there the next day. A couple years ago I skipped out on a birthday party for the girl I was dating at the time just to go watch the Cubs and Cards play. Just last year I tricked a couple buddies into going to a Cards game just so I could share my love for the team and the sport with them. The Cardinals are definitely 95% of what I talk about during baseball season. My friends won't talk to me sometimes because they don't want to hear about the Cardinals anymore. I'd definitely would say I'm super fan level!


Sarah: Last year was the first time I was able to go to a Cardinals game. I purchased my tickets several months in advance. Well, I ended up being admitted into the hospital (with my newly cardinalfied pedicure!) for several days. I was released the day before the game, but was determined.. so we still made it! Can’t wait to ago when I can partake in the festivities a bit more!


Kathryn: OUR LITTLE FAMILY ARE SEDALIA'S SUPER FANS!!!!! I have been a Cardinals fan my entire life and  a, now passing on the love of the game to my little guy!!! My family and I attend games every year and even plan adventures to Springfield to watch the Springfield Cardinals play! Last May my son was born, and as you can see we love our boys in Red!!!! Please select our family to receive these tickets! It will be our first game of the season and we would be super excited to go!!! GO CARDINALS!!!


Well, Sedalia, I don't envy you.  Vote below and decide who wins! Voting ends at noon on Thursday, so get those votes in ASAP!

Cardinally Yours,

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