I think like a lot of people, I have more than one email address.  I have one for work, one for my personal use, and one that I consider my "junk" email account.  You know, if you want to sign up for something to get a coupon but don't want to have to deal with countless email follow ups, you sign up with the junk account.

I nearly got taken in from the latest one, though.


It reads the same way an email conformation from Amazon would. "Your Amazon Order..." and the number and the whole spiel.  I thought for a second, "Wait, did I sleepwalk order something?  I don't remember ordering anything from Amazon lately..." Well, I was right. I didn't.  As soon as you open it,  you can tell it's not real.  The link sends you to some kind of survey site.  So, just be on the lookout - you're probably going to see a lot of these coming up.  I've already gotten two.  Send it to the junk folder!

Spammily yours,

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