First, it was juicing. Then it was souping. In 2018, it's raw water.

Selling for as much as $15 a gallon, raw water is all the rage, I guess. Like black water and boxed water before it, some people are jumping on the trend.

Raw water is essentially untreated or unfiltered water, containing natural minerals. Raw water can be found in springs, rivers or wells. I guess it's for people who don't want fluoride in their water? It just seems to me that's... dirty. It could have all kinds of pesticides, bacteria... Gross.

People are buying it in droves.  Live Water is a company that provides the raw water.  In response to questions about its bottled water, Live Water posted this statement on its website:

“Opal spring where we source our water is from an ancient aquifer that we have extensively tested and has shown no harmful contamination what so ever. Water is collected from the covered spring head, so there is no chance for surface bacterias to enter the water. Our bottling facility is a sterile environment in which we triple rinse and wash our glass jugs. We also test each batch for harmful bacteria, and no one has ever gotten sick from drinking the water we bottle. The town of Madras Oregon trusts the water so much that they have been drinking unprocessed Opal Spring Water from the tap for over half a century.”

But for those outside the delivery area in California, the company also offers to sell customers a jug to "collect living water yourself."

Uh... I don't know about that. I don't know if I wanna get E Coli that bad.

What do you think of the Raw Water trend? Would you try it? Have you tried it?

Waterly yours,

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