We've all got our opinions about music and concerts. It seems like every year the Missouri State Fair tries to please as many people as they can, and bring the best concerts they can to our fair city.  Sometimes we see favorites that have been back time and again, and sometimes we get a surprise. I remember a lot of people being surprised by Joan Jett a few years ago.

Of course the MSF has some factors they have to consider - affordability, availability, and demand. If you can afford somebody, that doesn't mean people want to see them. If someone is available, that's great, but they might be out of our price range. And, what if someone IS in our price range, and people want to see them, but.. they're just not touring that week - or they've already been booked?  I get it, it's hard to navigate all that. It's not an easy job. I know I wouldn't want to be the one to have to choose.

Still... I think we all have our wish list. I would LOVE to see The Avett Brothers. If you're not familiar, they're kind of a folk/country/rock act.  They put on a heck of a show (I've seen them live twice). Or maybe a band that's been around for a while but isn't too old, like The Killers? I would also love to see something like a Motown revue.  You know, older music, but maybe not country (Not that it's not great, but we've had that here a few times)? Maybe something R&B or blues? I also wouldn't be opposed to a pop up and comer or maybe a big female pop show like... Kelly Clarkson, maybe? Or, maybe a current alternative style band like Cage the Elephant or Cold War Kids?

I'm just spitballin here. What would YOU like to see come to the Pepsi Grandstands next year?

Concertly yours,

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