You guys, either I'm getting old and batty or there's something weird going on with me. As you may or may not remember, Husbando is a Human Furnace.  He is so warm all the time that it is impossible for me to get cold in any way, shape or form in the wintertime.  So naturally, I don't end up using the full covers most of the time because HE is generating all the heat I could ever need.

But lately, the last few weeks, it's been odd - I've gone to bed, and  everything's normal.  Then he comes to bed a little later (I get up early so I go to bed early), and the sheets are all akimbo.  Here's my very accurate drawing of what's happening.


As you can see, my torso and arms are covered by a blanket. But for some reason, my blanket has been pulled over my legs, exposing them to the open air.  Husbando says that in my sleep once, I complained about my "hot legs".   I do not have "hot legs" at any other time of the day or even when I go to sleep.  When I go to bed, I feel fine and dandy and nothing is too hot or cold.  There's no swelling, no tingling, no pain, no nothin.  Only in the middle of the night does this happen, apparently only when I'm asleep, and only recently at that.  When I wake up in the morning, I'm fine. And I'm not wearing some crazy heavy pajama bottoms, here.  I'm wearing your normal, casual pj pants.  Last night, I actually switched to SHORTS because I wanted to see if that would make a difference.

Nope!  When he came to bed.... I had resumed the position.

What is going on here?  Why are my legs getting all hot in the night-time?  Is this some kind of sign that I'm going crazy?  Should I check WebMD again to see if I'm going to die from spontaneous leg combustion?

Do you, or your significant other, do anything strange in your sleep?  Tell me all about it!

Warmly yours,

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