Guys. I don't know about ya'll, but I'm a side sleeper. Well. I start off on my back usually, but at some point I always end up usually on my right side.  But when that happens, I'll end up waking up because it makes my back ache a little bit.  SO, being the proactive type that I am, I started to look for special pillows that would help me in that department.

There are all kinds of different varieties.  You can get bean type pillows, adjustable filling pillows, memory foam pillows, pillows that guarantee you're always cool, pillows that you're supposed to cuddle with your whole body, all kinds.

One thing that I've noticed about most of them is that they are EXPENSIVE.  Like, I want to be able to sleep through the night without kitty interruption, but do I want to spend two hundred dollars to do so?! I mean,  my current set up of a Mini Pillow Fort seems to be working fine.  Do I really need to spend more than twenty bucks for a pillow?

I guess I do if I want to find the perfect one that I won't have to replace in a year. But I'm not one to replace pillows. I'll just get a new one and add it to the pillow fort.

Maybe I should bite the bullet.  Maybe I should spend some moolah on a special body pillow that elevates my chest so that acid reflux isn't a problem.

Have you ever bought a special pillow to sleep on?  Was it expensive? If it was, was it worth it?  What would you side sleepers recommend?  I know I clicked on one and it's all over my social media ads now.  I'm half tempted...but I just can't bring myself to spend $230 bucks yet.

Sleepily yours,

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