I'm wondering if this Solar Eclipse upset my sleep patterns because I didn't sleep worth a hoot last night! If it affected me, what about our pets?

There's stories about how nocturnal animals will be acting differently Monday during the eclipse. In fact in one report from people.com, it's said that some animals could go nuts during the eclipse.  According to zoo experts, nocturnal animals like owls could wake up and start looking for food, elephants will freak out and make a bunch of noise, and armadillos could jump three to four feet in the air, which is something they do when they're scared.

The University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources’ South Farm Research Center has even recruited anglers for the upcoming solar eclipse. The center feels that eclipse will cause a feeding frenzy in area ponds, streams and lakes.

There's reports of spiders dismantling their webs which normally only occurs during the nighttime. Other odd things that happen normally during the nighttime hours but could occur during the eclipse include bats beginning to feed and mosquitoes to start biting.

According to experts some animals will be curious like humans and will want to see what is going on. Other than that, you shouldn't notice any huge differences in your dogs and cats.


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