It's fall now. Super nice. Good weather. Well, or at least it was until we got random SNOW this week.  I'm not bitter.  I know it'll go away, it's not winter yet - but... you know it'll be here before we know it.

Well, I'm here to tell you, don't worry.  After all, how bad can it be?  As bad as we had it a few years ago, when most of us were snowed in?  Come on, this is Missouri!  You guys have been bad weather before, and we'll see it again.  So just take a few minutes now, while the weather is clear but cold, to get ready for it.

1) Get the house weather proof

We all basically know what this is about.  What I'd suggest is to go around to your windows and make sure everything is secure and closed fully, so that the least amount of wind can sneak in.  A tip I hear somewhere is to take a candle and move it around your windows and doors, because the smoke from it will kind of whip towards where the draft is.  So then you can get all nice and warm and snug.  Also you'll wanna go ahead and get some salt out, make sure your scraper is intact for your car, and get the shovel out of the garage and maybe put it on your porch.

2. Get dressed for it

If you're not like me (and didn't put off cleaning out your closet for the better part of five years), you probably have some sweaters, galoshes, and other stuff in the back of the closet.  Get 'em out.  Make sure they fit and find both matching gloves.  You also might wanna make sure you have a good hat/scarf combo.  If you've got some heavy socks, it might be a good idea  as well to have those out and handy instead of at the back of the sock drawer.

3. Stock up, but don't get ridiculous

You might not want to get too serious about this one.  The City of Sedalia is usually pretty good about getting roads clear as soon as possible.  I don't think anybody wants to have to drive any more than they have to.  So if you can stop by and get a few things to stock up now, while you know the weather is nice,  go for it.  But don't feel like you have to buy out the canned food aisle at the store (We've already been there and done that this year, thanks KAREN).  You're not gonna have to hunker down in the bomb shelter.  Just, you know, use your head.  If it's not covered in tin foil.

4. Have some entertainment ready.

You might not be able to get the kids out, or maybe you don't want them out in the cold during this time.  So have some stuff ready. Maybe get some DVDs out, or a few board games, some books are good, too!  You definitely wanna have games and such if your cable goes out.  And you can always listen to us here on Awesome for some music.

So, all in all, really, just have a little common sense and just be ready.  And if nothing happens, well, then just make a nice origami swan with your tin foil hat.



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