Remember a few years ago, when you started using your PHONE to wake up instead of your alarm clock?  So did everyone else. Including me.

A new survey asked people how they're using their phones today, and making calls only came in SIXTH.  We've officially reached the point where phones are now more used as alarm clocks.  Here are the ten most common things people do with their phones.


1.  Sending texts.

2.  Getting texts.

3.  Reading email.

4.  Surfing the Internet.

5.  Using it as an alarm clock.

6.  Making calls.

7.  Sending emails.

8.  Checking the time.

9.  Using the calculator.

10.  Checking Facebook.

What, no gaming on the list?  That seems off. And I can't say I really check Facebook on my phone.  I check Weverse, sure.  But not Facebook. Anyway, do you end up making calls often these days?  Or are you tending to use your phone for texting and email?  Do you use your phone as an alarm clock?

Gamingly yours,


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