Another Halloween has come and gone. The kids are working their way through their candy stash. We've swapped out the Halloween decor for the fall decor. And we're working our way through the many two packs of Oreos we bought for trick or treaters that never showed up at our house.

We live west of Main Street in that little part of Warrensburg tucked in between Cave Hollow Park and the Golf Course. It's home to many UCM folks and active servicemen, so there's not a lot of kids around. And not many are likely to wander past Main Street to trick or treat.

Anyway, that's one of the reasons I asked you to share your Halloween costumes with us on Facebook. I expected I wouldn't get to see a lot of trick-or-treaters popping up at our door. So this is one way to vicariously experience a little bit of Halloween we miss since not many come to the door for candy.

A big thank you to everyone that contributed and posted a picture of themselves or their kids on our Facebook page. From the spooky and downright scary to the silly, funny, and spectacular. Here are the pictures you sent us.

Check Out the Halloween Photos You Sent Us!

We asked you to post your Halloween pictures on our Facebook page. Well, here they are. From young and old alike. From the scary to the spooky to the silly. Here's what you sent us. One thing is for sure, it looks like everyone is having fun!

Gallery Credit: Rob Creighton

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