Have you been walking around getting constantly punched in the FACE? 

Here's some bad news:  You've only got about two weeks left of safety.

A new study of emergency room data found the month where you're LEAST likely to get punched in the face . . . and it's February.

You're most likely to get beat up in May and July.  The study didn't give specific results for any other months, but generally there are fewer people fighting when it's cold than when it's warm.

The people behind the study think there are more fights in the summer because there's more daylight, which leads to people going out more.  That means large, drunk groups in public places . . . which leads to punches in the face.

Meanwhile in February, everyone's cold and miserable and home by 6:00 when it's dark, so fewer people are taking swings at each other.

I can't say I've ever punched ANYBODY in the face, but hey.  I guess now isn't the time to start, but... you just wait til March!

Punchingly yours,


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