You know, on a day like today, it's kind of nice to look back what seemed to be simpler times. 

It's cold and gross outside, and it's not like you wanna go out there anyway without a mask.  But I found something on YouTube again (I know, I know, but I love it) that made me smile a little. Simpler times, maybe? At least it might have been for me.

Years and years ago (admittedly I don't know if they still do it) KMBC up in Kansas City used to do a little piece in the news to highlight local spots around the state.  It was called "Hittin The Road".

Awww, I remember Larry Moore.  I remember sitting on the floor of my living room with my parents as they watched him on the news.  Of course, now, that's kind of not a thing anymore, is it?  We get news on our phones and computers and everywhere.  It's an all day update as opposed to one update at 6:00.

So anyway, they went out and about and saw a few of our Sedalia Landmarks, like the Katy Trail, the Katy Depot (I remember what it was like before they fixed it up, do you? Boarded up windows, graffiti... it's easy to take it for granted restored now.), the Bothwell Lodge.   It's nice to see the reporter just enjoying herself in the different parts of our town.

And in way, it's a comfort to see that - because it reminds me that eventually, we'll be able to get out and enjoy those landmarks again.  Yeah, maybe not for a while, and who knows how long it'll be, but... eventually.  Eventually we'll be able to go drop by any of those places or any others you might be thinking of without a second thought.  Without having to put on a mask.  Eventually.

Anyway, enjoy the little trip down memory  lane and perk up! Happy Friday!

Roadingly yours,

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