Okay, so it's May.  And as we all know, school will be out before too long. So I bet you want to get those kids out of the house, huh.  And I bet you want them to make their OWN gas money, right? Well, then you need to point those young people in the direction of the Sedalia Parks and Recreation office.  They're hiring for some great positions now that will solve both of those problems, while doing something awesome for our community.

1.  Summer Lifeguards.

Byron Moore

Who doesn't love a good day at the pool? This job is an excellent way to get some sun, stay fit and active, and know you're making a difference.  And it's a great way for your teens to be role models for the little ones!

2.  Youth Baseball Umpires.


If your kid is into sports and would like to keep it going all year, this job is a great way to do it.

3.  Youth Sport Coaches.

Low angle view of baseball players standing in a huddle with their coach

This would look GREAT on a college application. I'm just sayin.  Athleticism, youth mentoring, management skills, strategy, leadership.... it's a no brainer.

4.  Swim Lessons Instructors.


You learned how to swim, now teach someone else! It's like riding a bike. It's one of the most important things a kid learns, if they get the chance. It was important to me, I know.

Visit their Website to apply or you can call 826-4930 for more information.

Employingly yours,

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