I was on my own this Sunday.  I like my time alone, but I often feel compelled to do chores when I'm just sitting around the house. The thing is, though, you guys.  Seriously. I am lazy when I'm at home.  I think when I'm at work, I'm always trying to Do Something, and a lot of it is mental work, which can get exhausting. At least it can, to me.  So here I was, all alone on a Sunday, looking at all this stuff I SHOULD be doing. But I hate these chores. With a firey, burning passion.

1.  Cleaning the junk out of the thing in the sink.


I hate how it drips, and you have to hit it against the trash can to get all the gunk out, and most of the time you have to use a paper towel or something to get it all out.  Ew.


2.  Making the bed.


I especially hate doing it when I'm alone.  I just don't do it most of the time.  I'm just gonna mess it up again when I get into bed anyway.


3.  Washing the dishes.


Washing the dishes is one of Husbando's jobs.  I actively try to NOT dirty dishes when I' alone, so I don't have to wash them.  So I do a lot of eating things out of the package, or putting things on paper towels.


4.   Clearing out clutter.


Husbando isn't  necessarily a dirty person, but he does create clutter.  He has to have a drink or a snack close by at all times, and his papers don't move far from the coffee table. Most of the time I try to ignore clutter.  I think he's trained me to do it.

5.  Cleaning the cat boxes.


This is another one of Husbando's jobs.  I don't do this most of the time.  He says he does it about every other day, so I guess it will have to get done eventually.  Or  I could "forget" to do it.... nah, that's not fair. And it's not nice to the cats.

What are your most hated household chores? Which ones are  you responsible for? Are there any you put off doing, or just don't do them?

Choringly yours,

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