Husbando and I have been married for a hot minute now.  I know him pretty well, but some things about him are just... strange. I'm sure you have a few things you know about your significant other that probably would seem a little weird if they were taken out of context. But keep in mind, Husbando is probably weirder than your s.o.  After all, he married me.  On purpose, even. So here are some things that he does, for your entertainment.  Don't worry, he doesn't read this, so he won't know. It'll be just between us.


1. He watches re-runs all the time.

Sure, he could have new shows and new episodes on the DVR, but that doesn't matter.  He's going to put on some random cable channel and watch old episodes of Law and Order (NOT SVU, under any circumstances), MASH, JAG, or NCIS.  Noticing a theme?  He kinda likes cop shows/military shows.

2.  He puts mustard in his tuna fish.

Yes, you read that right.  He makes tuna fish sandwiches with mayo, tuna, and freggin MUSTARD.  Why would you do that? I tried it once and it was, to put it mildly, disgusting.

3.  He keeps tons of weapons in his car.

Not real weapons.  But like, you know, arrows with the thingies on the end that stop them from being sharp.  That and some kind of stick that he uses to hit his friends with. They do fake fighting? I think that's a good way to put it.  Sometimes he'll go in the back yard and hit a piece of wood he covered with some carpet.

4.  He has to have a certain brand of face wash.

It can't be the generic, and it can't smell like peaches.  It has to be the St Ives, and it can't be anything else.  I'm not sure why on that one.  Usually he has a reason for the things he likes, but this one, who knows.  He also has a strange brand loyalty when it comes to that stuff you rub on your muscles when they get sore.  It can't be Icy Hot, can't be Ben Gay or any generic variant. It has to be Tiger Balm.

5.  He owns more hats than anyone could ever wear.

Beanies, ball caps, fedoras, you name it, he's got it. You know those furry Russian hats that have the bit that comes down and goes under your chin? He has one of those, too. I wouldn't put it past him if he gets one of those Shriner hat thingies one day. I think the only hat I've never seen him wear is a cowboy hat.  He "cut down" on hats one time and I swear, it was at least a whole garbage bag full. And he still had Several Dozen More. How can one person own so many hats? He even has a ball cap with a dang bottle opener on it. Why? I. Don't. Know.

What kind of stuff does your S.O. do that can seem a little weird?

Strangely yours,


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