I was fooling around a little online yesterday and I got bored, so I figured, why not see what's going on with Craigslist.I don't end up even finding much most days that I need (or want, to be honest) but sometimes, if you're checking regularly, you can find gems. Now what I found on this occasion, if it's useful or not, well, that's up to you.  I don't know what you need in your life!  You might have to take a bit of a drive to get some of em, but hey, if they're useful and FREE, can you beat it?


He didn't have a photo for that last one, but yeah.  Free goat.  The guy wants a nanny goat really, he'll trade for one.  But he's got a goat if you want him.  And he has a sense of humor about the milking process, ha! Here's the link if you want him.

Who says you can't get anything free these days? Sure you can, you just might have to go lookin around on the interwebs for it.  And I just randomly picked five things, when you go look you might find something else or even more stuff, who knows.  Heck, maybe you've got something you want to get rid of sitting around the house.  You never know who might want it, after all.  Don't they say one man's trash is another man's treasure? I should probably put some of our stuff up on there and see who wants it. I think I've got a few boxes stashed in the attic stairwell.

What's some of your stuff you've got sitting around the house that could go to somebody? How long have you had it? Why don't you need it anymore? Tell me all about it!

Freely yours,



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