Don't get me wrong, of course we all love the Missouri State Fair and all the great visitors it brings every year.  Of course we all get excited when it's around that time again.  But you know, after about halfway through the fair, I think all of us hit a little bit of a wall.  You're not completely Faired out, no.  You're suffering from something I just diagnosed called Fair Fatigue.  Here are a few signs you might be afflicted:

1.  The Smell Of Corn Dogs Doesn't Get You. 

You've already had about three corn dogs this year.  You've had one with ketchup, one with mustard, one plain.  They were delicious.  They were corny and doggy and had that little crispy bit down by the stick that was amazing. But today,..... today you'll skip the dog.

2.  Mister Stinky Feet Doesn't Make You Laugh. 

The kids love him still, yeah.  But today, you're not into it.  The songs are still catchy, you can recognize the talent.  It just didn't strike that cord on Fair Fatigue Day.

3.  You Didn't Try Harder To Get A Good Look At The Pig Races. 

Everybody loves the Hedrick's Pig Races.  Of course they do.  It's cute, it's funny, it's exciting.  And sure, you'll mosey by.  But you're not going to try to push through the crowd to get a good look this time. This time, you can just get the gist from the back of the room.

4. Rocket The Robot Didn't Pique Your Curiosity. 

He goes by, does his little thrust type thing on his scooter, and it did nothing for you. Your heart was not moved by the chorus of "Happy" driving by you.  You didn't even wonder if there was a real person on the inside or if it was a robot being controlled by someone.  You didn't even look to see if you could figure it out.

5. You Only Had One Beer At The Bud Tent.

And you even knew The Nace Brothers were playing. "Quitcher Bitchin" didn't even give you any little moment of joy.  You've seen it before, you've heard it before.  You already have a copy at home.

So what can you do to fight the Fair Fatigue?  I've got a suggestion.  You could hop on the tram and go somewhere on the grounds you haven't been to in a few years.  Maybe try out some aspects of the fair you haven't seen.  Do you normally stick to the midway and the food?  Try stopping by the State Fair Arena.  Do you normally walk the buildings and shop?  Why not try checking out the exotic petting zoo?  Do you normally hang out in the Coliseum? Why not check out the Floriculture building?  After all, it's only here for ten days.  Sure, you got the dreaded Fair Fatigue, but there is a cure*.

Fatiguely yours,














*Side effects may include: learning something new, smelling cow pie, selfie accumulation, sweatiness, corn dog related weight gain, walking around induced weight loss, Butter Cow Shock, blacksmithing cough, tram stare, lighter wallets, kids falling asleep in the car on the way home, and sunburn. Consult your doctor if your symptoms last longer than four hours.

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