Well, we've officially kicked off our latest adventure at the Fair.  I want to take a second and welcome all our visitors! I'mma fill you in on a few "pro tips" for those of you coming in from out of town. 

Some of you come every year, some don't, some are here for the first time.  Either way it applies to you, please enjoy some things you might not know, as a visitor.

1. Have Arrangements For A Ride.

If you're planning on going to a concert and maybe hitting the Bud Tent afterwards, have a ride arranged.  Do NOT drink and drive, certainly not.  But know this, if you find yourself a little buzzed after your night and have a friend drive you back to your hotel, your car will be towed off the grounds. You can't just go back and get it.  It's a hassle, I know, but Sedalia does have taxis and Ubers and all that good stuff.  But I'm sure the best way to avoid all this is to have a designated driver in your group.

2. Our Fast Food Is Very Important To Us. 

If you're staying for more than a day or even a few days, and you feel like going off the grounds to get some quick food, let me just lay reality on you.  First off, don't turn left into Taco Bell. Just don't do it. Go around and turn in right.  Also, I'll save you a little headache if you're going to the McDonald's on Limit/65 Highway - don't bother with Limit.  Circle around the restaurant and take the small street out to 16th street.  You can easily make it to the intersection and won't have to fight traffic.

3.  The Highway Patrol Aren't Necessarily Local. 

The HiPo are some great individuals.  They work really hard, and a lot of them really enjoy the Fair.  But keep in mind, some of them might not know much about Sedalia either since a lot of them come from all over the state.  So if you're asking for directions or recommendations or assistance, it's probably best to ask someone who is a MSF employee.  Now if you're noticing something illegal or someone's getting into a spot of bother, then you DEFINITELY should find a cop or highway patrol officer.

4.  A Lot Of MSF Employees Are Teachers. 

I mean, a lot of them.  You'll find them all over the Fairgrounds. So when you're talking to an adult employee, they probably have their shirty nonsense together.  They deal with dozens of little problems every day a good nine months out of the year.  If they tell you to try an exhibit or go to this place on the grounds to eat, listen.  In fact, most employees who aren't teenagers are people who are either teachers or people who take their vacations during the Fair to make a little extra scratch.  Some do it just because they love the Fair that much and don't wanna miss out on any of it.  So they definitely know their stuff.  And that security guard you see? He's probably vacationing Sedalia Police.  So don't give that guy a hard time.

5.  Don't Limit Yourself To Just The Grounds.

Sure, the Fair is huge and there's a lot to see and do. But if you need a break or a little shake up to the routine, check us out! There is a lot more to Sedalia than 50 and 65 Highway.  Explore around! Go check out the Pettis County Museum, the Katy Depot, the Liberty Center, The Daum Museum, or one of our many, many parks. There are little spots of awesomeness all over Sedalia.  We've got a lot to offer not just for the Fair, but for shopping, eating, and entertainment.  But the best thing we offer is our people (assuming you're driving politely, that is- you probably don't wanna find that out the hard way).  We have people in Sedalia from literally all over the world around any corner. We all have different perspectives and experiences.  If you want to hear a few funny stories, ask anybody who was around in the Seventies about something called the Ozark Music Festival. And I'm sure you'll notice the "Sedalia Humor" pretty quickly.  So come out and meet us! We promise we won't bite.

Well.  Maybe I shouldn't promise that.  ANYWAY, Welcome to Sedalia and enjoy the Missouri State Fair!  Come by the outpost for our radio stations and say hi!

Sedaliaingly yours,

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