I've told you about my strange interest in TikTok before.  I get that people think only kids use it, but that's not the case. Animals use it, too!  No, just kidding, animal owners use it.  And I know that you know that everyone loves videos of cute animals doing cute things.  It's been cold, it's been wet, you still can't go anywhere... Don't you deserve a little pick me up?  Sure ya do.  So I've gone through and found five different cute animal videos on the app to share with you and make you smile. You don't even have to have TikTok to watch them!

1. Mommy Farmer.

As the name suggests, this lady is a farmer.  So every day she takes out her Corgis and they go around doing chores and feeding the animals.  I think she's from Missouri, too!


2. Flockparty.

This is a lady with a couple of budgie birds and a few other varieties! The parrot's name is Tiki! Apparently they can't let her out off the cage unless someone is supervising, or the bird just gets into everything.


3. Jackisable2.

I didn't know I needed videos of pandas eating, but apparently I do. Meet Babyface the Panda! Today we're scarfing down some squash, I think.


4.  Pidge The Sugar Glider.

I could never own one of these,  but I freggin love em.  They're so cute! Here's Pidge enjoying a snack while sitting in her Dad's hair.  Like you do.


5.  Kenbray.Official.

Ken Bray is actually a nationally ranked powerlifter. So he's a dude who will post some workout videos and stuff, but...the real star of the channel is Twinkie.  Twinkie the Rabbit.

How cute is Twinkie!? He apparently also likes to snack on hot peppers and steal shoes. Such is the life of a bunny.

Anywhoozle, I hope you guys enjoyed my foray into cute adorable animals.

Have a happy Tuesday!

Tokingly yours,


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