I'm sure there have been a ton of times in your lives where kids have said or done something so silly that it hit you just right and made you laugh. 

There are a ton of kids in my neighborhood, and most of these stories will be about them, sure.  But there are other kids I've seen around town that also made me laugh, and I'll try to remember a few stories here and there.  Then maybe you can share some funny kid stories!

This first one had to have been last summer.  I remember Husbando and I were sitting on our porch, and the kids across the street had some kind of set up with their water hose.  It was hooked up in such a way that the water went all over the driveway, kind of like a sprinkler.  The two boys, probably couldn't have been older than seven - played and chased each other and that was wholesome enough.  Then, one of the boys starts singing "That's What I Like About You" while smacking his friend on the butt in time with the song.   Then as quickly as it started, it stopped, and the boys were discussing something very important in hushed tones.  You know, that kid talking to another kid important way.

This one was last winter. I don't remember exactly when, but I seem to think it was December.  The kids were out of school due to snow.  I was driving up 16th Street, headed east, and went by Papa Jake's donuts.  Out in front of the store was a kid, probably  no older than eleven, playing with a skateboard.  Shirtless.  In his pajama pants.  I don't remember if he had shoes on, but I doubt it.  I wonder if he was trying to show off, or if he had really just not thought to put on a real shirt and pants.  It was so cold that day, there was ice everywhere!  I wonder if he thought he was being a daredevil, or showing us he was tough.  Either way, I giggled.

Then this one happened not too long ago.  Maybe a month or so?  I was out in the yard just picking up sticks or whatever, minding my own.  There were a few neighborhood boys out trying to rollerskate.  There were three of them, and they were just having a blast, laughing and shouting, like kids do.  One of them was pretty good on his rollerblades (maybe ten year old), another was not doing so hot (maybe five year old), and one didn't have any on at all, and was just there for moral support (maybe eight year old).  The one that was good on his rollerblades was screaming down the street at another kid I couldn't see, asking him if he was coming with them to the skate park.  The shaky one was on the sidewalk, watching his non roller skating friend walk away back to his house.  That's when it happened. I changed the names.

Rollerskating boy, as friend is walking away: "Hey Devin!"

Presumably Devin, turns while he's walking: "Yeah?"

Rollerskating boy: *Flips the Bird*

Presumably Devin: "You too, bud.   You too."

Apparently I need to just walk away from the comedies, 'cos these kids have it covered.  What are some of the funniest things you've seen or heard a kid do?

Amusedly yours,




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