You guys know how curious Husbando gets about trying new foods he sees. It's probably part of why I do most of the grocery shopping. He'd buy a lot of stuff "just to try it" and it would stay there forever if we don't like it.  But this one was a calculated guess that turned out to be up my alley.  As you guys might already know, I have a thing with hot sauces. I like spicy stuff, and I like to think I handle it pretty well.

So Husbando found some chips that claimed to be super spicy, and got us a couple of bags to try em out!  Here's how it went.

Taste Test


I guess I don't get why this is a thing.  I mean, I get that people want to try hot stuff, they want to see their friends react to it, that kind of activity is a okay.  But... why buy chips you can only eat one in a setting? I can't imagine snacking on those ghost pepper chips.  You eat one, it burns for five minutes, and then you put the bag away.  You're not gonna be sitting there eating it like popcorn.  I guess it's something to say about portion control? Either way, for me, the winner was the Limon chips.  The ghost pepper ones will probably sit in our cabinet, untouched, for the next week.

Have you tried these?  Would you?

Spicily yours,

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