I wish I had your patience.  I wish I had your bravery.

There you are, ready to turn left onto Broadway at three in the afternoon in the thick of Sedalia traffic.  Not only are you patiently waiting for traffic to die down, you're also being super polite. I saw you give the person who decided to stop and let you through "the wave".  And hey, you did get lucky, the other person in the other lane gave you the go through, too.

But I couldn't do it. I can't even turn left on a  yield arrow on Grand and Broadway if there's a car on the other turn.  But that's more of a scaredy cat thing, because my car sits kinda low and I can't fully see both lanes of oncoming traffic if there's a car waiting to turn left. Especially if it's a big truck, it blocks my view. I'm sure it annoys people if they're behind me, but I can't see, dangit.

So I can't imagine going over and trying to go through the cars, trying to see if there's anyone coming past the turn lane.  You're just living your best life, just having had a late lunch, ready to go about with your day.

And your patience! That you sat there, waiting for someone to be kind and let you through, I can't picture it. It would never occur to me to try to turn left out of Golden Corral. I would just go through the parking lot of the bank, across State Fair Boulevard, and turn left from the light.  That's what I would do, anyway.  If I tried to turn left straight out of the lot there, I'd probably be cursing all of nature and everything it had to offer.

But then, that's me.  You're  you.  You're willing to go across two lanes and get ready to merge.  Me, I'm always taking the back ways, always finding a way to get off of Limit or Broadway.  If I'm leaving Woods, I'm not turning onto Limit.  I'm probably on State Fair Boulevard again, going to Third to make my way across Limit at the light. Heck, half the time I'm getting ready to leave the station it takes me like, five minutes to make a RIGHT turn, much less a left one.  And I'm off limit at 20th or 16th as soon as I can.

So, good on you, my dude.  Stay patient, stay brave.  Just drive safely, okay?

Letteringly yours,

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