Hi, plate covering the big hole in the street. I'm sure you have no idea who I am, as countless people must drive over you and walk by you every day. You're doing a good job.  I realize there's a big hole there for a reason.  The nice crew who is working on improving our water system needs that hole so they can do their work, and you cover it so my car doesn't meet it every day.

But dang, I wish I didn't have to meet you so often.  I try to drive around you when I can, but it seems like there's ALWAYS someone coming from the other direction when I get to you.  So if I move over too far, either I'm gonna hit somebody or come to close to it for my liking. That means I have to meet you again. And frankly, I don't like meeting you.  I feel like my car is going to somehow either blow up or get scraped or something every time I have to drive over you.

I know this isn't your fault or your problem, you don't care, you're a steel plate.  And I know I could probably just, you know, drive around you or avoid that block.  But that would require me actually thinking about and remembering that you're there every day on my way home, and we both know I'm not that smart.

You're doing a good job, but I want you to know that I hate you.  I cannot wait until your services are not needed.

Hatefully yours,


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