It has not been a good week health wise in the Moreland household. Husbando has had repeated bouts with kidney stones over the years. He had his worst one ever this past week (6.8MM), and we had to have surgery to get it going. So apparently when I was rushing around trying to get him all squared away, I managed to jerk my neck or something. You know that feeling when sometimes you sleep wrong and then all of a sudden you can't move your neck to the left without wanting to stab someone? Yeah.

And now, it's kind of spreading down to my back.  I'm practically bathing in gels and creams. The thing is, this isn't the only part of my body that I want to apply pain cream to. I don't know what I'm doing but I must be doing something because my right forearm area hurts quite a bit sometimes. And now, I have a weird spot on my right ankle that bugs me. If I'm not dealing with heartburn, it's something like that.

Should I be surprised?  Your body changes when you get older . . . and eventually everything sags, aches, or both.  Happy Wednesday?

A new survey found out the ages when the average person's body parts start hurting, aging, or otherwise changing.  Here are the results . . .

Headaches and migraines start at 24.

Back pain starts at 33.

Knee problems start at 37.

The first gray hair shows up at 39.

Joint pain or arthritis starts at 40.

And hot flashes start at 50.

The survey also found people start feeling their body generally deteriorating when they hit 30 . . . and one-third of people say the bad choices they made when they were younger are catching up with them.

Achingly yours,

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