I'm not saying the Missouri State Fair isn't ready for us.  I'm sure they're raring to go. 

But are WE ready for it? I don't know, this might be somewhat controversial, but I think I'm not.  Don't get me wrong, I like that people are excited for the Fair. It's a huge deal every year, and the amount money it brings to local businesses is always great.

I just don't feel like I'm ready. I'm not talking about the station or my co-workers or anybody else but me.  I feel like it just kinda came out of nowhere. Like it was so far away and then bam, it's here. Usually I'll feel a bit of a build up and I'll notice that. But not this year.  Out of nowhere it'll be here in like, a day.  Parades, shows, exhibitions, games, food, it's all there and waiting.  You can already see the uptick in traffic, and I saw the huge line of campervans come in.

Maybe it was because things were so different last year.  Maybe it's because I'm nervous to be around a bunch of people from all over the state/country in one place.  I got my jabs, but.... I still have MS. I still have to be careful because my immune system pretty much hates me.  And it would just cripple me with guilt if I somehow had the delta variant or something and didn't know it, and passed it along to someone else.

What should I do to get myself in the Fair spirit and embrace the mood? Surely there has to be something that can shift me from "not ready" to  "prepared".   What do you think? Do you think you're ready for the Fair this year?  What are you going to make sure to do? What are you going to avoid this year?

Fairingly yours,



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