I know that a lot of us have been cranking up the air a bit these past couple of weeks. 

I totally get it!  It's hot out there.  But that can be a little pricey in the long run.  And, that can be a little stifling for little kids in the family.  You know how it is, they want to play outside.  But you don't want them to get overheated, so sometimes they have to stay inside.  But is there a way you can let em go out, have fun, and still stay cool?

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Totally! And it's coming up this weekend with the Sedalia Parks and Recreation's Dive in Movie night.

Don't forget Dive in Movie night at Centennial Pool tomorrow June 25th! The movie Luca will be playing! Gates open at 8:30pm and the movie will start around 9pm (when it's dark enough to see the screen) Floaties are welcome during this time. This is included in the 2022 outdoor season pass or $6 per person payable at the door!

I mean, heck, that's a deal.  You get to see a movie, play in the pool, stay cool, and it's all just for six bucks? Win win win, right? Now in case you forgot, the movie that's playing is also relevant to the occasion.

So not only can you have that fun, but I bet the kids would like to pretend to be mercreatures as well while they're watching the movie.

One word of caution, though - I've attended these Dive In movie nights before.  As it gets darker, you get colder.  And that's nice on a hot night, but you might want to bring a couple extra towels or maybe an extra t-shirt to put on in case you or the kids get cold after a while. Oh, and spring for the popcorn. It's worth it.

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