This is some next level re-gifting right here.  Instead of waiting until you get a lame present to re-gift to someone else ... you buy a SWEET present for someone then give it to yourself.

A new survey by eBay found about one in three people have bought someone a Christmas present,  then decided to keep it for themselves.  And women are more likely to do it than men, 34% to 26%.

Now I gotta say, I have bought some presents over the years that were pretty dang sweet. I don't remember ever keeping something I bought for someone else, though. I have bought presents for myself, yes.  Mostly because I'm the Financial Director of the house, if you will.  And shouldn't Everyone have something to open on Christmas?  I mean, come on.  I'm worth a few little trinkets here and there.

The survey also found about half of people have bought themselves something while they were doing their gift shopping this year.  And... I admit I am guilty of that one. So many times I have been out shopping for "the family" and ended up finding that sweater I just had to have or a cute calendar for my office, or whatever it is.  This is why I don't like to go shopping very often.  I end up spending more money than I should! Well, really, any amount of money that I spend on personal stuff for me is probably too much.

Have you ever kept a Christmas present for yourself?  Have you been tempted to maybe a couple of times?

Giftingly yours,

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