I swear, I am not morbid.  Really.  I just love a good mystery!I read all the mystery books on the shelf in the back of the Sedalia Public Library.  Probably more than once.  Then, I started to read about real life mysteries and you know how that goes.  You go from one to the other to the other and you form some theories of what you think happened.

So of course this video series is right up my alley.  Here's what you need to know: these two contributors, Ryan and Shane, investigate paranormal activity and also unsolved true crime cases.  They do a lot of research on each story!  This one goes way back to the 1930's - and in our neck of the woods.

Here's the jist of what happened:  A man was picked up hitchhiking in Kansas City (on our side of the state) and taken to a hotel.  He checked in under a false name, and things got real weird real quick.  He kept his room almost completely dark, had strange conversations with someone named Don, and more than once was locked in the room from outside.  He was later found brutally murdered in the hotel room, completely naked, with all of his clothes and belongings gone.  To this day, nobody is sure who he was, who killed him, why, or what happened.  Here's the video.  Keep in mind this probably isn't good to show around kids or at work (language, violence).

I have so many questions. Who was Don?  Was it really Artemus? Why was the door locked from the outside? Why didn't they need towels?! WHO IS RICKY GOLDSWORTH?!

What do you think happened?

Creepily yours,



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