I'm a sucker for a cute puppy, I gotta say. I haven't caved in and adopted one yet, but there have been times when I've been close. Every now and then when social media negativity gets to me, I'll check out the Sedalia Animal Shelter's page and look at the cuteness.

This latest one that caught my heart was a cute but sad story, as well. They have a litter of nine little puppies that they think are shepherd mixes. Someone left them in a box out in the cold.

Sedalia Animal Shelter
Sedalia Animal Shelter

How sad!  Can you imagine those poor little babies just out in the cold without their Mom? Luckily they all survived and are healthy. They're totally adorable, and most of them are ready for adoption.

So, why not stop by and pick up a pup? You know you need one. Here's the info:  Adoptions are first come, first serve - no holds. Puppy adoption fees are $85 which includes the spay/neuter, shots, de-worming, flea/tick and microchip. They may not have their rabies vaccines due to being too young yet. Give them a call for details at 826-5816 or stop by 2420 South New York. 

The Sedalia Animal  Shelter wants to make sure there are no more sad stories in 2018. So stop by and get your happy story started!

Puppily yours,

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