So every now and then, I'll take a second to look at the Sedalia Animal Shelter Facebook page.

NOT THAT I NEED ANOTHER ANIMAL.  Because I don't. I really, really don't.  The two I have are more than enough.  And they prove it every dang day by trying to either sit on my face or tear up my couch.   But I do like to look.  I just like to look at cute animals, no commitment.  The other day, I saw that they uploaded a new video with a ton of cute kitties on it.  I thought, well, jeez, how many animals do they have right now?  Turns out, there are quite a few.  27 available for adoption, to be exact.

And that's just the ones that are available for adoption.  They have more that are getting ready for adoption, either because they're too young or maybe they're sick.  The nice lady at the shelter told me there are six hundred other animals going through the process.  So, let's take a look at who's ready for their furever home, and maybe you'll see someone you can welcome to your family.

Sedalia Animal Shelter Oct 2021

So if you saw somebody you're interested in, you can call them at  (660) 826-5816.  You can also email if you  need more info at You can also check their Facebook page if you wanna keep up with what's going on or what they need in donations.

Adoptingly yours,

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