According to a new survey, 40% of people say their kids are their favorite people to shop for at Christmas.  And dads came in dead LAST.  Only 2% said their dad is their favorite person to shop for.  Here are five more stats from the survey.

1.  Overall, the top five presents we're planning to buy people are gift cards, clothing, toys, video games, and electronics.  54% of us are HOPING to get gift cards this year, and 45% want cash.

2.  The top three things men think women want are clothing, jewelry, and gift cards . . . and women think guys want gift cards, cash, and tools.

3.  14% of married men plan to give their wife something kitchen-related.  Which might sound like a bad idea . . . but 26% of women say they WANT something for the kitchen.  On the flip side, 31% of women think men want tools, but only 21% of men actually do.

4.  50% of kids will buy presents this year.  On average, they'll shop for four different people.

5.  32% of people who plan to shop on Cyber Monday will be doing it in person at a store . . . NOT online.

Well, there you have it. Are you doing any shopping today for Cyber Monday?

Giftingly yours,


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