Looking for something to do on Father's Day but don't have a lot of cash? Maybe you should think about taking dad to the zoo. Dad's receive free admission to the Kansas City Zoo this Sunday, June 16. In addition to free admission, dads also are welcome to complimentary soft drink.

The offer is valid on Sunday June 16 only between 8:00AM CT and 5:00PM CT. Regular admission prices are in effect for other family members. Admission for family members 12 and up is $16.00, Seniors 55 and over $15.00, Kids 3-11 are $13.00.

The Zoo suggests it's a great opportunity to learn how dads in the Animal Kingdom take care of their families. The specifically mention Radi who looks out for his gorilla troop, and the male penguins who are integral in the nesting and chick rearing process.


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