Well, I saw it, so you have to see it too, I guess. 

And the thing is, it sounds a lot worse than it is. I was imagining like, a deep fried stick of butter. You know where they have batter on the outside and you bite in and then you've just got butter all over yourself.

Only, pumpkin spice.

But, thankfully, it's not.  Here, its only thirty seconds.

Yep, it's deep fried pound cake with just like, some pumpkin spice soaked in.  So that might actually be kinda tasty.  I don't know if I need as much of this stuff as the average bear, though. I mean, I like pumpkin spice just fine.  Do I need it every day? No. Do I need pumpkin spice cereal? No. Do I need pumpkin spice smelling wax for my bathroom?  No.

Do I have that? Yes. I did not buy it, though, in fairness. But there it sits, waiting for me to use it and make my entire bathroom give the essence...of pumpkin.

You know what I do like though? I like that fall is coming. That's the bit I think I want. I want the leaves to change and the spook lovers to start decorating their houses. I want to start wearing my BT21 hoodie again and for it just get cool enough to make the tip of your nose cold.  Although, really, it'll be nice and toasty, since, masks.

What do you think of Deep Fried Pumpkin Spice? Would you try it? Do you even like Pumpkin Spice themed things, or are you over it?  If you love them, what's your favorite?

Pumpkinly yours,



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